BRAND NEW Royal Mail Size Guide Ruler Template

BRAND NEW Royal Mail Size Guide Ruler Template

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As of 20th October 2014, the Royal Mail are changing the small parcel size. Our brand new size guide ruler will be the only one on the market to offer a "Letter", "Large Letter" and the New "Small Parcel" slots.

Brand New Royal Mail Size Guide Ruler Template with Small Parcel Size Slot

Royal Mail Size Guide Ruler Templates, also referred to as Pricing in Proportion rulers, allow businesses to measure their parcel or letter sizes before posting it off to the mail. Also known as PIP Rulers, they allow users to measure letters and parcels of all sizes. This Royal Mail Size Guide Ruler Template is one of a kind, and is the first ruler that has measure slots for medium sized parcels. This is not the only type of mail that can be measured. The guide ruler also allows users to measure other mail sizes including:

  • Royal Mail Letters
  • Large Letters
  • New Small Parcels
  • Medium Parcels

By owning a Royal Mail Size Guide Ruler Template you will be able to measure your mail sizes exactly, meaning that you will eliminate the chance of underpayment and/or over payment of mail. It will therefore allow you to calculate the exact amount of postage charge, potentially saving your business money. Your cardboard version may now look a bit tatty as your slots may not be correct. Instead why don't you treat yourself to a sturdy new version at a very low price. With this brilliant product, you will never get your postage costs incorrect again.

Royal Mail Size Guide Ruler Template Further Information:

  • Brand new small & medium sized measurements
  • Made of 5mm of hard plastic
  • Only Pricing In Proportion version of its kind
  • Includes measurements of up to 460mm for the medium sized parcels
  • Useful help and contact details displayed

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