At Green Franking, we take sustainability seriously, which is why we’ve started a number of green initiatives to enable us to meet our sustainability plans and goals. Our ink refill & reset service, franking machine recycling and tree plating are just some of our core sustainability practices in place to make our world that little more greener.

Reset & refill ink service

In 2007, Mailcoms/Green Franking became the first company in the UK to offer refilling and resetting services for franking machine ink cartridges.

We provide freepost bags for customers to return their empty ink cartridges, allowing us to reprogram, re-chip, and refill them for reuse. This process reduces waste and offers a more eco-friendly option.

Franking machine recycling

At Green Franking, we collaborate with a local recycling company to prevent franking machines from ending up in landfills. Each month, our team delivers a batch of these machines to our partner, who then disassembles them to recycle the plastics and metals.

Additionally, we provide freepost labels with all our machine deliveries, allowing customers to return the packaging to us for reuse or recycling.

UK Based & Energy Efficient Operations

Based and printed in the heart of the UK, we minimize our carbon footprint throughout our operations. Our premises feature automatic energy-saving measures for lighting and heating.

We’re planting trees with Treeapp

Every month, we partner with Treeapp to plant trees, helping to offset our company's carbon emissions and restore wildlife in needed areas. Treeapp collaborates closely with farmers, communities, and experts, and we are excited to share this journey with you 🌳